Philippe Rossi, exercises his talents as a stylist and modeler since he was 18 years for different brands. Where, Muriel Jaffe is specialized in sales and retail. Both combine their expertise in the Charlie Joe adventure.

Philippe and Muriel have the chance to work hand in hand with masters of embroidery, dyeing, sewing, and many others. People who, by passion, practice and adapt their traditional and ancestral techniques to each collection.

Their specialties are :

A process consisting of dyeing and/or 'fading' a material, to give it a more or less pronounced color gradient.

Indeed, the choices of materials and colors are wide which allows to obtain very diverse results.

Handcrafted, it is a technique that leaves room for slight irregularities on the fabrics, an additional charm that makes each piece unique.

Sweatshirt, blouse, dress, pants, skirt, ... Find a large selection of tie&dye pieces in our Autumn-Winter 2020 collection.

An art that Charlie Joe's designers master and put forward in each collection.

It consists in sawing with a needle an embroidery, using beads and sequins or a simple cotton thread, on clothes. A subtle way to bring a nice little feminine touch.

The possibilities are endless, especially when they are hand made.

Similar to tie&dye, being handcrafted it leaves room for slight irregularities, an extra charm that makes each piece unique.

A new process used in this collection.


We work as a team with Indian factories in Rajasthan. It all starts by collecting second-hand clothes. Once gathered, the pieces are then sorted by color and stored in the factory.


Each of them are then cut manually, in order to keep only usable pieces of fabric. 

And again sorted by color and material.


Finally, the remaining pieces of fabric are put into a granting machine that shreds them into fiber form. The recycled wool is then ready for production.

Recycled wool is an integral part of our 2020 winter collection. Warm, durable and soft it is our favorite material in this collection!

Coats, trench, jackets, pants and bags are made from this material and are available in 3 different colors.

Choose your favorite piece!

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